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Welcome to TTnH
TTnH (Tiomanai Tacsai na hEireann) is a voluntary group representing full time Taxi Drivers. The company was formed in April 2010 to effect change in the Taxi industry. TTnH is a democratic organisation with a committee elected each year by its members at the annual general meeting.

TTnH is committed to building an organisation that puts its members interests at the core of the decision making process. This commitment will ensure that all decisions affecting full time drivers will happen on a consultative basis. To this end TTnH hold regular meetings and inform their members of any updates by a texting system and by notices on Taxi ranks. TTnH also hold regular meetings with the subcommittee at which matters raised at local level are discussed. These meetings are also open to all TTnH members to bring any issue of concern.

The key objectives of TTnH include :
  • A proper and meaningful negotiation process with the Department of Transport and the N.T.A.
  • An independent appeals process for any decision taken by the NTA affecting full time Taxi Drivers.
  • An end to double jobbing (in and industry which is oversupplied TTnH do not believe there is a need for P.A.Y.E. workers in our industry).
  • Stamping out illegal activities by real enforcement. Not enforcement that penalises full time Taxi Drivers trying to operate legally.
  • An end to illegal private Taxi Ranks who's operation seriously erodes full time Taxi Drivers incomes.
  • A higher and equal standard of vetting before licences are issued. TTnH believe the Taxi industry is an integral part of the National Transport System and should be treated as such by the NTA.
TTnH intend to achieve these objectives by various means including:

Political lobbying - Negotiation with NTA - The legal system

By unifying full time Taxi Drivers TTnH believe we can achieve our member's objectives.

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Important Note for Taxi Drivers

From July 1st Property Tax will be linked with Tax Clearance Certificates. It is advisable to have your accounts in order and apply for Tax Clearance prior to this date, otherwise arrangements will have to be made with Revenue for payment of Property Tax before Tax Clearance is issued.

Tax clearance applied for on your behalf.

Take the stress and worry out of your tax return and leave it to us!

Accountancy services available at Santry Hall every wednesday 10.30 am to 2.30 No appointment necessary.

The current committee are:

David McGuinness - Chairperson
Alan Brennan - Secretary
James Steel - Treasurer
David Franz - ViceTreasurer
Derek Moran- Airport
Philip Kavanagh-Airport/finance

TTnH also have a subcommittee of members working on Taxi Ranks in local areas. A.G.M. January 20th 6.p.m. Regency Hotel.
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